Off to study yoga in Austalia

In just a couple of weeks I’m off to Australia! I never thought I would travel this far in my life.

This trip started a year ago when I became curious about the student/teacher relationship that is so important in eastern traditions. In yoga this relationship is fundamental as it is the vehicle for passing on the teachings of yoga from teacher to student. In this tradition yoga is considered alive; the teacher knows yoga intimately, she has experienced for herself the benefits of the practice over a long period of time and teaches from direct experience. I wanted to understand and experience this strange and esoteric relationship, to receive the teachings of yoga from an experienced teacher.

Dena Kingsberg teaching in Mallorca

Last spring I met Dena Kingsberg in Mallorca. Dena studied directly with Sri K. Pattabhi Joice for many years, and is a senior teacher in the lineage of ashtanga yoga. While I was attending her workshop, I discovered that she offers a training called Committed Practitioner Intensive in Australia. For three consecutive months during three consecutive years, Dena receives students from all around the world in her Byron Bay yoga shala to pass on the traditional teachings of ashtanga yoga. This was exactly what I was looking for, so I seized the opportunity to submit my hand-written application.

Just this past September, I received the incredible news that I had been accepted. It was a huge surprise which awakened both excitement and terror. I feel that I’m making a step towards something totally unfamiliar and I hope to be up to the task.

This article was written by
Julia Zatta

Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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