Montse’s Rolfing Testimonial


I hope you’re enjoying the summer, whether you’re away on holiday or staying in town. This month on my blog you’ll read about the benefits of Rolfing, only this time it’s my clients who will share their experience with you. I thought that the experiences of different people might help you better understand the scope of this method.

This week I give the floor to Montse. Montse is a lovely person with a noble heart and a warrior’s spirit . She is a massage therapist who has been in practice for a lot longer than I, so it is a real honor to receive her review.

Why did you seek out Rolfing?

I’m doing Rolfing because eight months ago I broke my fibula, the ligaments in my ankle as well as the inner portion of the knee.

What changes have you noticed?

I’ve been walking since two and a half month after the accident. I’ve done physiotherapy, pilates and neuromuscular therapy, but still I could sense that I wasn’t walking properly. After the first session of Rolfing I walked out of Julia’s office feeling perfectly balanced on both legs for the first time in eigth months!

 How would you describe Rolfing?

I’d describe Rolfing as a whole body adjustmes. Our body at times comes out of alignment for different reasons and almost without us noticing it.

Who would you recommend Rolfing to?

I recommend Rolfing to everybody, but especially after an injury, or in cases of persistent pain in any part of the body, I’d also recommend it as a means to feel better and avoid postural imbalances which always bring consequences down the line. I am delighted with how I feel and with the amazing changes I’ve noticed in my body. I love Rolfing!

 Why do you like working with me?

I like Julia as Rolfer for several reasons. She is a good listener when it comes to understanding how you feel and she can interpret perfectly what your body needs. She never makes any judgements about your life and charges a fair rate. I’ve know Julia for the past two years and  during this time I have seen her evolve significantly both personally and professionally.

This article was written by
Julia Zatta

Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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