I Love Where I Am

Painted hippy camper van in byron bay australia

It’s been just over 4 weeks since I arrived in Australia and today we just concluded week 4 of the ashtanga yoga Committed Practitioner Intensive with Dena Kingsberg. I am SO happy I came! A part from the BEAUTIFUL surroundings, this course is really a gift: I have the time and energy to focus only on yoga and for a long time, nine more weeks! This experience is just as I had hoped.

At first, I found the whole environment very unfamiliar and awe inspiring. Nature is spectacular in it’s extravagance: aside from the beautiful beaches, there are amazing creatures, such as lizards the size of iguanas, enormous spiders, birds I’ve never seen, exotic melodies and a fierce, unforgiving sun.

As soon as I arrived in Byron Bay, I had some problems with my accommodation and I quickly had to find something else. It was a bit stressful at the time but it really served a purpose: the momentary chaos snapped me out of my pre-planned agenda and really put me here, now. When the course started, I was really there, awake and ready.

Now I’m in a good home with nice people right next to the beach. I can hear the ocean from my bed at night. Every day, I wake up at 5 am and make my way to the Shala on my bicycle. The path is beautiful, I go thought the woods along the beach and cross a wooden bridge over a creek. The yoga practice along with the study time and the beautiful surroundings all contribute to a feeling of deep fulfilment and satisfaction. I feel happy, awake, curious and focused on this  journey that is the path of yoga.

This article was written by
Julia Zatta

Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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