How to Invite Positive Change into Your Life


cristal castle view

This photo is from a day trip to Crystal Castle with my friend Kerry. Kerry is an amazing woman who captivated me from the start with her smile. She is sincere, joyful, unpretentious and 100% genuine. How does she doit? How can a 60-something-year-old woman have the glowing smile of a young girl? How is it that life hasn’t succeded in dulling her spirit?

We met in ByronBay. Kerry came to stay at our house because she needed a rest. After years of selfless giving as a mother (of five!), wife and midwife, she needed a break. She requested an extended leave from work and “headed north.”

I interpreted her appearance in our house as an auspicious omen announcing new beginnings. I was approaching the end of the intensive 3 month yoga training and Kerry came at the right time to show me how to step into my old life with a new perspective.Spending time with Kerry taught me a lot about how to welcome positive change with a smile.

What’s Your Calling?

Kerry had a secret, she wanted to find her calling. She knew there was something she’s “meant to do,” but she didn’t know what it was. I found this shocking. I thought one’s calling is a fixed and unchanging thing that you stick to. It didn’t occur to me that every stage of life offers it’s own calling. Kerry faced her search with the excitement of a child on Christmas eve. She would ask herself “What wonderful gifts would this new thing bring?”
Trust Your Heart

“That’s all mind stuff, isn’t it? Come back to the center, back to the heart” She told me patting her chest with her hand. Kerry taught me to trust my center, my own heart. What feels good? What gives me energy? What sparks excitement and aticipation? What action does my heart require?

Appreciate Life’s Miracles

When you relate to life from the heart, you develop an appreciation for its magnificence, I learned that from Kerry too. She expreses a deep appreciation for life in very simple gestures, like in the way she speaks from the heart with sincerity, excitement and humor; or in the care she takes when preparing delicious wholesome foods and in her tidyness. She appreciates and cares for the small everyday miracles, the details that make each moment unique. Everything she touches glows. It’s the palpable result of her wholehearted intereaction with life.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Another thing I learned from Kerry is to celebrate my accomplishments. Some accomplishments seem small and I’ll often forget to recognize and honor what is big for me. It’s important to give ourselves credit for our accomplishments, no matter how small they seem from the outside. As they say in Oz: “Good on ‘ya!”

Back to You

What new things are you stepping into?
What are their gifts and challenges?


This article was written by
Julia Zatta

Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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