me in pinkWelcome to my blog

I’m Julia Zatta, a bodyworker and yogi living in Barcelona, Spain. This blog is all about getting to know your body and your self, better!

About me

I was born in Italy to an Italian father and American mother and was raised between both countries. Now I live in Barcelona, Spain. I’m a  certified Rolfer and yoga teacher specialized in posture. In a past life I studied paining in Italy. 

My Story

I had been told that Rolfing could change my posture and help me feel better. At the time I was struggling both emotionally and physically, so I decided to give this little-known style of bodywork a try. My practitioner promised that changing my posture would change my perspective and attitude towards the world. It sounded far-fetched, but as it turns out, she was right. 

With each session, I became more aware of my body and of my posture; I even felt more grounded and confident. The people around me also noticed, and commented on, my improved posture. I was so impressed by how much better I felt after ten sessions that I decided to train to become a Rolfer


After I graduated, I practiced in the US and now here in Spain. I love my work and enjoy helping people experience their body in a whole new way. Besides Rolfing I practice and teach yoga. I find that both modalities complement each other in transforming the body, mind and spirit.

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