Byron Bay Yoga Intensive: Week One Recap


I was looking forward to posting this just to let you know I’ve arrived at my final destination and I’ve already started the second year of the Committed Practitioner Intensive with my teacher and classmates. If you have no idea what I’m talking about read this post.

Practicing again with everyone has been a delicious homecoming. The energy in the room is powerful, it carries you further than where you can get to on your own, I love this feeling of being held and supported. Even though it’s intense, our daily practice feels sweeter and more mature than last year.

Another thing I’m enjoying is discovering how last year’s course has affected each of us. It seems as though last year’s experience was quite powerful for everybody and we have brought it home in very different ways.

Outside of the shala my first week and a half has been a bit of a bumpy ride. I was certain that returning here would be really easy… But it’s not! I feel far away from home and from the all the people and places that are part of my daily routine. I feel uncomfortable with my surroundings.. especially the wildlife!

Here everything is bigger, including the spiders. There’s these ones in particular that, although harmless, are terrifying to look at. They’re called Huntsman spiders: the larger ones are almost the size of my hand. They’ve got long legs and they move really quickly. Ugh!!

To my Australian host my attitude is probably pretty ridiculous, these critters are no threat to her. In fact she will graciously remove them for me with an ease I find both admirable and incomprehensible. Me? I run screaming from the room every time I see one.

Scary spiders aside, nature has also shown me it’s cute face. The other morning two wallabies (small kangaroos) jumped right out of the woods and bounced across the street a few meters ahead of me. It was an amazing and exciting sight. What a treat, I saw none in the 3 months I was here last year, and I trek that same path 4 times every day.

Starting next week the course will get progressively more intense and time-consuming. I won’t be able to spend as much time on it as I have while in Barcelona. Also, I don’t really want to! I need to be here. I hope you will forgive me for updating less frequently between now and the end of April.

Bye for now 🙂

Yoga Anatomy with Marta and Julia

Anatomia y Yoga

If you follow this blog you know how much I appreciate Marta Puig and her work with the BackMitra. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

I met Marta last year when she signed up to my applied anatomy tutorials. She had just moved back home to Sabadell after living in Mexico for a number of years. During her time abroad, Marta fell in love with yoga. She explored various styles and eventually trained with a number of teachers. She also changed the course of her professional career to become a full-time yoga teacher and studio owner.

Among the people she studied with in Mexico, Brigitte Longueville stands out. Brigitte has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and runs her own yoga school in Mexico City. In recent years, as a result of her apprentiship in Gert van Leeuwen’s Critical Alignment Therapy Technique, Brigitte designed an amazing yoga prop called the BackMitra. This prop is to be used in therapeutic / restorative yoga classes which Brigitte trains teachers to do.

I feel extremely lucky to have met Marta and to have been introduced to her work with the BackMitra. It is good stuff! And it is because of this very special contribution to the yoga practice that I’ve teamed up with Marta to offer a 3-part workshop combining experiential anatomy and yoga. Yum!

Marta and I believe that anyone can benefit from knowing anatomy. Understanding some basic concepts will bring you deeper into your body and your practice. You will also gain a greater understanding of the effects the movements you perform have both in your yoga practice and in your life. 

Our 3-part workshops are designed with beginners in mind. Each class revolves around a set theme: I will start off each class by breaking down a few essential anatomical concepts in an easy-to-undertand manner that is aplicable to your practice. Then, Marta will lead a guided yoga class to explore and integrate the new information on your mat. We sincerely hope this workshop will be of value to your practice and your life.

Each class lasts 2 and a half hours and will take place at Zona Ioga in Sabadell. If you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot, please contact me.

I hope to see you in class!

My Best Posts on Yoga, Anatomy Rolfing and Spirituality

best of..

When this entry goes live I’ll be in the air on my way to Sydney. By now, I should be landing in Singapur, which is great because I’ll finally get to stretch my legs a little bit. This trip is killer: 22 hours from start to finish.

While I’m binging on movies and bad food up in the sky, I’ve prepared a compilation of my best posts to tide you over till next time. Hope you enjoy ’em!

**Big hug!**


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~ Julia

Video journal of my trip to Australia

Hello, English speaking readers!

I’m off to Australia again soon to continue my yoga studies. Here’s a vide-collage with sights and sounds from last year’s trip to Byron Bay, Australia.


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