Applied Anatomy Study Group Update


Every Thursday a cheerful gathering takes place in my apartment: it’s the lively group currently enrolled in the Applied Anatomy Study Group. I love the excitement, the smiles and chatter as we greet one another and get settled in. The atmosphere is friendly and fun; it is gathering of awesome women who share a passion for learning.


A good understanding of basic anatomy and kinesiology comes in handy if you are a massage therapist or a yoga teacher. In fact, it is a necessary job-requirement. Anatomy, however, can be a dry and complicated subject depending on how it is presented. Often it is hard to draw a connection between the muscles depicted in the medical atlases and the actual people in your yoga classroom or on your massage table.

That’s why my mission is to provide information that is interesting, exiting and useful.

So far the course participants are pleased, and so am I. The size of the group (5 participants) makes it easy for everyone to have a voice, ask questions and share pertinent information without feeling shy or embarrassed.

Furthermore, spending time with likeminded people is always nourishing and inspiring. We quickly discovered we’ve got lots in common as far as interests and sensibilities goes. Go figure!


Learning involves understanding not only by means of the rational mind but also through the felt-senses. That’s why we love the 8 week format. It allows the opportunity to layer information and assimilate it.

Wether you are leaning this material for the first time, or are coming to review and refresh your knowledge, having this time to yourself is both a luxury and a necessity.


I’m so jazzed with all the cool stuff that is happening in our study group that I’ve decided to post weekly Course Highlights for the rest of the month. The “Highlights” will feature:

  • News about topics that we really enjoyed
  • Useful links to online resources
  • Exercises and asana suggestions


This article was written by
Julia Zatta

Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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