Anatomy & Yoga with Marta and Julia

yoga anatomy with Julia Zatta

If you follow this blog you already know how much I adore Marta Puig and her restorative classes. Marta is a great teacher who is particularly skilled in sequencing, articulation and effective use of props. Plus, I adore her BackMitra yoga prop, it makes every class delicious.

We are both excited to announce that we are collaborating on a series of workshops on yoga anatomy and alignment based asana practice all in one. We believe all yogis can benefit from learning anatomy: it helps to get in touch with the body and improves your yoga skills. Our goal is to offer a fun and dynamic approach to yoga anatomy. 

Here’s why you should come:

  • Two teachers means double the experience
  • Anatomy theory and Yoga asana practice all in one class
  • Visual presentation + take home material
  • Personalized instruction applicable to your level of practice
  • Inspiration for your asana practice

What is included in each class?

Anatomy class with Julia

  • Visual presentation
  • Printed material and resources
  • Partner exercises and explorations

Yoga asana with Marta 

  • Skillfully crafted sequence revolving around the central theme of the class.
  • Use of yoga props including my favorite: the BackMitra!!

What will I learn?

Class 1: Intro to anatomy

We will discuss the different tissues that make up the different layers of the body paying special attention to fascia = connective tissue.

Class 2: The breath

Breath is crucial to yoga: it is through breathing that we extend our vital energy (prana) and focus our minds inward. But how should we breathe, and why? You’ll find out here!

Class 3: Core strength

A strong and dynamic core is vital to a sustainable and enjoyable yoga practice. It also has great benefits off the mat. You will learn all about how to cultivate core strength and why this is important.

Save the date:

May 9th, May 30th and June 20th, from 11:30am to 2pm @ Zona Ioga, Sabadell. (Plaza San Roc 8, Entresol 1ª)

Special offer!

Sign up by April 17th, 2015 and save 15€ on your enrollment fee. Email me for details.

PS: If you’re interested in studying anatomy in depth, check out my Anatomy Study Group, next course begins in May. 

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Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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