10 Gift ideas for yogis

10 gif ideas for yogis

The month of December always seems to fly by. It seems as though time speeds up and then, suddenly, it’s Christmas! The last couple of years I’ve been caught off guard and ended up doing my shopping last-minute. What a hassle! The shops are crammed with impatient stressed-out people, I was no exception!

This time, I’ve learned from my mistakes and got myself organized ahead of time. I’ve even complied a list of idea which I hope will help you get through your holiday shopping with more ease. What follows is a list of suggested books, props and accessories for yoga and wellbeing. If you’d like to add your own suggestions, please share them here! I’d love to hear ‘em.


1. The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali: A New Translation with Commentary

UnknownIn these the sutras, or aphorisms, the ancient sage Patanjali, defines yoga and draws a map of the inner landscape that is revealed through the practice. It is one of my favorite texts, it is exceptional for its beauty and mystery. I particularly like Chip Hartranft’s translation because the language is simple and relatable, which isn’t easy given the complexity of this text. This version has a buddhist tone  is great for contemplating your experience of the practice. You can find this book in Librería Té Quiero in Barcelona’s Grácia neighborhood. 

If you’d rather read in Catalan, Marion Costa from Yogaia yoga studio recommends Yogasutra by Òscar Pujol. Mariona worked in editing for over 15 years before becoming a yoga teacher. Here’s her review of Pujol’s book: 

La publicació del Yogasutra traduïts i editats per Òscar Pujol, amb una introducció també seva, és una gran notícia per tots els lectors en català. Óscar Pujol ha viscut 22 anys a l’Índia, es llicencià en filologia sànscrita a Benarés on es va doctorar, és autor de nombroses traduccions, articles i assaigs i ha redactat el Diccionari sànscrit-català, al llarg de 12 anys. Ha estat director de programes educatius a La Casa Àsia de Barcelona i director de l’Institut Cervantes de Nova Delhi (2007-12).

You can purchse this book in Yogaia´s shop.

2. Om Shree Om

yoga para niños om shree omThis lovely book is freshly pressed: it just hit the shelves last week. Author Christine McArdle has spent the las 10 plus years training yoga teachers to teach children’s yoga. Her new book started off as a manual and has grown as a guidebook for all yoga teachers and parents. It is the result of years of personal evolution and exploration. I’ve been following Christine on Facebook for years and it is easy to sense her enthusiasm for her work and her love for children and their wellbeing. Her children’s yoga teacher training is known to be exceptional.

3. Trail gude to the body (5th edition)

trail guide to the body 5th editionFor those interested in deepening their understanding of anatomy Trail Guide to the Body is an invaluable tool. It’s meant for massage therapists and bodyworkers, though I think most yogis can benefit from it as well. 

The illustrations in the TGB are clear and copious. In addition, the book includes amazing online tools and resources for students. I use it frequently as a resource in my anatomy classes and I highly recommend it to my students. 

4. Ashtanga yoga gift certificate

pazzifica ashtanga yoga

I spend most of my mornings here at Pazzifica ashtanga yoga, in the heart of Grácia. Pazzifica offers a variety of gift certificates and introductory courses to get you started with the traditional ashtanga yoga practice. See you there!


5. BackMitra®

backmitraSince I tried the backmitra just over a week ago, I use it every day. Seriously, I love it!! It is easy to use for a deliciously restorative practice especially if you use these free online classes. The BackMitra makes for a great gift because anybody can use. I find it particularly satisfying after spending lots of time in front of the computer. For more info check out their official website or, if you’re a local, contact Marta Puig at zonaioga@gmail.com.


6. No-slip toe socks

no-slip yoga toe socksThis great idea came from Gemma in response to my facebook post. What a great idea! Just in time for the cold. I’ve got a pair of these socks and I love them: first, because it feels really good to spread my toes and second, because they don’t slip at all. You can buy them online or, if you’re a local, through Yogaia though you’ll have to wait for them to restock. 


7. Yoga Bags by Nina

yoga bag by ninaI love the mapamundi yoga bag, it’s both gorgeous and practical. The double shoulder strap is perfect if you commute by bicycle: way more comfortable that a single-strap bag. 

The design is by the talented Nina Adams who is very active in our Barcelona yoga teacher community. This year Nina launched her online shop where you can purcase her beautifully handcrafted yoga bags and totes.


8. Organic moisturizing cream

lacréme barcelonaThese fantastic moisturizing creams by LaCréme are an excellent holiday gift. Hand-crafted by Irene García whose motto is: “Pamper your body, nourish your soul.” Her products are sure to do just that, they are made from 100″ organic and vegan ingredients and her own special blend of scented oils.  

Also, Irene uses kinesiology (muscle testing) to assess which one of her creams is best suited for your skin type. You can meet Irene in person and try out her skin care line next weekend at Centre Cos


9. Spirelli

spirelliYogis love to eat lots of veggies, the more the better. This handy gadget will turn zucchinis, carrot, and cucumber into long thick spagetti. Yum! 

It’s very handy and works just like a pencil sharpener. I’ve got one that I use almost every day to jazz up my salads. If you like preparing more elaborate plates you can try out this one. Bon apetit!


10. You are the best gift!

túIt’s easy to get caught up in the holiday rush and lose perspective of what is most valuable. In the end, the best giftof all is YOU. In a years’ time it’s likely most people will have forgotten what you gave them, though they will definitely remember the time you spent together. 

Your joyful presence and shiny smile are the best gifts you can offer. And they’re free! To be your very best, take good care: sleep well and take some time in the morning to start off the day well.  

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Julia is a yoga anatomy teacher and bodyworker based in Barcelona, Spain.

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